Sakura di poetry service company is the domestic well-known fabrics, on the fabrics for lang di group's garment company provides the high quality service. Shorten the production cycle, effectively reduce the production cost, is a powerful supply guarantee.
Scabal Acknowledged as the world's best material, the reason is that its motto is "we don't consider reduce raw material costs" Scabal only purchase the best raw materials, from the comfort of the superfine wool, cashmere, silk, soft and elegant, fine worsted knitting, plus a final unique "paperpress"
Zegna, pursuit of perfection is: will delicate style woven into the fabric, and never let customers disappointed. Pure cotton, add elastic fiber cotton, cotton, hemp blended fabrics are perfectly natural. Wool, silk blended yarn, fabrics of High Performance (zegna registered one of fabrics)
With 166 years of glorious history. In 1842, the 22-year-old Jules began fabrics imported from Britain and France sales; As his brother Alfred and Auguste successively joined later, they used three sheep's head badge to represent the common cause of three brothers.
Loro Piana£º
Loro Piana is Italy forge ahead of the new brand, the most purchased for every 2004 is famous for its fine wool pack. In the United States in a Wall Street journal in selectiving examination, identification of 120 Loro Piana fabric inspection result is 130, yarn strength and excellent performance.
Vitale Barberis Canonico£º
In 1663 began producing Italian VBC (VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO hereinafter) vader lacey clothing fabrics, with 344 years of history, is suit for men specially made of pure wool woven fabrics.
¡¡¡¡ Men's clothing customization, these words are both familiar and strange to most Chinese people. What we know is that it has a mature market system and customization service overseas already, embodying characteristics of "close fitness and comfort" as well as "unique". In the fashion industry, "customization" is usually given the name of "high-ranking" and becomes a consumption privilege of a small number of people, China is no exception, of course.

¡¡¡¡However, some ¡°customization group¡± has now appeared in the fashion consumer group, and the number of these people is increasing continously, expecially after the post-70 generation has grown and become the main group of fashion consumption in the last century. They refuse the labelled life and pursue an individualized daily life, which relates to a special emotional appeal even without any luxury required. As a result, the requirement of individuation steadily increases with each passing day, which not only makes more people desire to attempt "customization", but also gradually becomes a fashion and a powerful development force in the fashion industry.
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