October, 2003, a chilly winter night in Tokyo, Japan. Two men were drinking soft sake in a small wineshop. One was Mr. Han Shenjun, who had been a top manager for more than 10 years for a Chinese high-end menswear brand, and the other was Mr. Watanabe, a factory manager with thirty years' experience of clothing customization management in Japan.
  Drinking with a bosom friend, Han Shenjun spoke out his worry towards Chinese clothing enterprises for the future after witnessing the grand trend that clothing plants in Japan and Korea were shut down in large amount and transferred to China. Watanabe clearly pointed out that you had just worked on the three bottom layers of the pyramid over these ten years, supplying goods for supermarkets, franchised stores and personal designers' brands, you won only by quantity ; If you don't march to the higher two levels, which is advanced customization and manual advanced customization, your enterprise will get out just as Japanese and Korean enterprises at present (as shown in the picture) in the next decade.

  The cups went gaily round. Han Shenjun became enlightened at once and instantly invited Watanabe to come to China for cooperation to strive for reaching the top of the pyramid.

  The two cups hit each other and sake was spilled out by accident.The meeting of two wise men generates the spark of ideas inadvertently.This is the pioneer of the combination of Japanese advanced customization module and Chinese traditional commercial practice.

  This is the initial plan, in which a brand site was founded in Miyun of China one year later. And it owned more than ten direct-sale specialized stores and occupied one third of Japanese market of the act according to actual circumstances after several years.


  They hired the renowned Italian craftsman Mr. Antonio and the professionals of the specialty stores in Japan to be the resident guiders, they spent 14,000 thousand to import the computer plate technology and full-automatic cutting table techonlogy from America's The Mountain and Japan's Toray, established a design team, and created a miracle of daily production of 300 sets of high-ranking customized suits within only a few years.

  The factory was later named Beijing Upper Clothing Co. Ltd.

  Hereafter, Han Shenjun, the founder, chairman of the board, and general manager, organically practised the South Korean Pattern through a series of combined promotions:

  At the Annual Meeting of the World Textiles and Garments in the year 2008, Han Shenjun made an English speech that took the lead to propose the concepts of "March from Made in China to Created in China" and "the 7-day Customization" interiorly. No matter where the customers might be, Upper is able to deliver the customized and self-branded suits to the airports where the customers are within 7 days.



  Since 2008, nine self-owned brands have been registered at home and abroad; among them Upper is the flagship brand, and has been awarded "Famous Trademark of Beijing" in June, 2011, "The High Quality Product of Beijing" in October, 2011, and "The Well-known Brand of Beijing" in March, 2012.

  Since the first brand store was estabished on November 8th , 2009 , a dozen brand monopolized shops have been set up in Beijing Department Store and other places. Especially, the establishment of the store in Shin Kong Place marked that it has won an important place in the high-end department business district in China. At the same time, the brand stores were successfully opened in other big cities such as Yinchuan and Taiyuan, etc.


  In order to commend the exploration that Han Shenjun successfully converted the status of the traditional handicraft industry into mass industrial production, in the spring of 2003, "The Achievement Show of Combination of National Informatization and Industrialization", held by National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, specially invited Han Shenjun's enterprise to participate in the exhibition.

  Han Shenjun has achieved an amazing transformation from "Made in China" to "Designed in China" within the last ten years after he suffered repeated shocks.

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